Le Motif


Huit motifs pour un tueur

Eight motives for a killer


We suggested an annual report written as a novel. Le MOTif went for it and commissionned Stéphane Michaka a short text about a police investigation. It became a dark book with a peculiar screen shot on the cover…

Le prix unique



Le MOTif asked us to conceive their campaign about the single price of books (In France, a French-published book can be found at the same price, whichever bookstore it is sold in). A fake promotional sleeve covers books and invades book stores. A simple, efficient, low-cost idea.

le MOTif


le motif-cleves-B

Corporate identity of the

Observatoire du livre et de l'écrit en Ile-de-France

Photographies Florence Lebert et Pascal Béjean

Badges designed with le MOTif